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Demo Service

Not sure that this racket is for you? Struggling to decide between two new rackets? Want to check whether the weight is right or how the racket feels? We have over 30 rackets for you to try before you buy!

We understand that investing in a new racket is a big commitment both financially and for your game. Although we can advise individuals in store, the best way to select a racket is to try it! We offer a demo service on all rackets that retail over 100. You can try as many as you like (max of 2 at a time) until you find the new racket for you.

Terms and Conditions

A 100% deposit is required on all Demo Rackets that leave the shop A maximum of two rackets can be taken at a time for up to three days Upon return a 20 fee will be charged if a racket is not purchased If a racket is purchased a full refund will be applied on any other rackets used 50% of the deposit will be returned on any damaged rackets Private Demo sessions can be arranged to try more than two rackets at a time with one of our team. Speak to a staff member for more information.